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The Hairchanic

While learning the essentials of braiding at 7, The Hairchanic pulls inspiration from his artistic background while servicing his clients. At 13 years old, he informed his mother that he wanted a job, so she instructed him to take pictures of his work. He then grabbed a disposable camera and captured what he calls the most "blurry, out of focus pictures ever" in hopes to develop and sell a local NY hair salon his braiding skills. 
On his journey to the salon, he was met by torrential rain, which ruined his portfolio that he presented anyhow. The shop owner burst into laughter, but admired the tenacity he displayed at his teen-age, so he awarded Leiyohn a free chair in his salon accompanied by the caveat "You can have this chair for free, just to watch people come and go!". 
Leiyohn took the challenge and did as the shop owner stated for about a month... without braiding one client. One busy day, Leiyohn entered the shop and each pro-braider was swamped with clients. At that moment, he rose to the occasion and braided his very first client. From there, his career as a diligently sought after braider was born.