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The Hairchanic

The Hairchanic Styling Foam

The Hairchanic Styling Foam

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Achieve a glossy, perfected finish for braid styles of all types; both natural and including extensions.

This Product:

-Glosses down pesky, fly-away hair leaving a polished, desirable shine.

-Is a cooling agent that combats irritated scalp.

-Invigorates pores, to promote hair growth.


  1. After braiding with The Hairchanic’s Braid Gel, shake well to properly mix the product before using.
  1. Use your first finger to pump the product into your hand. For best results: Pump the product 3-5 times and lightly rub hands together.
  1. Apply generously to the braided style, placing emphasis on the scalp first, then the braids.

Note: This product has a myriad of uses, but its primary purpose is to maintain the perfection of the braids on your crown.


Ingredients: An assortment of vitamins and minerals that incites the scalps circulatory network, increasing oxygen and nutrient uptake needed for strong hair follicle progress. MicroGen Composit - (A blend of vitamins, minerals, and vegetal extracts that are natural DHT inhibitors, for thinning hair). A combination of both Lemon and Peppermint essential oils to both promote healthy hair growth, combat both dry and oily hair while protecting the scalp from flaking.  

NOT tested on animals.
Made in the USA.

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